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What is IPS Vaccine Group Purchasing Alliance?

Since 1996, IPS Vaccine Group Purchasing Alliance has helped medical practices nationwide lower vaccine and other practice expenses with affordable, practical solutions. We currently serve over 3600 physicians and our membership is growing.

What is the cost of membership in IPS Vaccine Group Purchasing Alliance?

Nothing!  IPS Vaccine Group Purchasing Alliance is completely free of charge for your practice.

Our negotiated pricing is based on our group's purchasing levels; therefore, your only commitment is to loyally purchase your vaccines at reasonable levels based on your practice needs.

How does IPS Vaccine Group Purchasing Alliance negotiate such low prices?

We negotiate directly with the pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide excellent savings for our members. By maintaining practice loyalty to our contracted pharmaceutical companies, IPS is able to negotiate discounted vaccine prices accordingly.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

We serve over 3600 satisfied members and are growing. Each practice is assigned a "vaccine specialist" who will personally ensure you are satisfied with every transaction. Your satisfaction is paramount to all of us at IPS and we receive many new members from recommendations by our current members.

How do I become a member of IPS Vaccine Group Purchasing Alliance?

The membership process is simple and easy.  Contact IPS at for more information.  Or simply complete the brief membership form (click here) and we will enroll your practice in IPS Vaccine Group Purchasing Alliance.

How much can I save from joining IPS Vaccine Group Purchasing Alliance?

The savings for each practice is unique.  Of course, the more vaccines you order, the more you will save.  However, you can be assured that if you order 1 or 100 vaccines, your IPS discounted price is the same.  And your practice will also benefit from any promotional pricing offered through the year by Merck and Sanofi Pasteur.  IPS passes those savings along to you!


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